cake php

One of the fastest emerging most preferred open source PHP Framework is CakePHP which is gaining popularity among the web developers for its dynamic capabilities. The base language, which is used in this framework, is PHP and it is compatible with PHP4, MVC architecture and PHP5. Introduced after Ruby Rails, CakePHP is used to provide the architectural base of your websites. The system follows the pattern of model-view -controller (MVC) which makes coding easier and more manageable. With every ingredients for a successful execution of website powered with translations, cache, database access, authentication and validation.

Time is limited and thus, CakePHP app development. At IDEA TSPL, we offer a host of CakePHP services from shopping development to e-Commerce website rich in appearance and content management. Compatible with the latest versions (4 and 5) of PHP, it offers rapid application development. Our CakePHP developers make the best use of this framework and build customized CakePHP websites. With our specialization in PHP programming, we are capable in rapid application development for our clients across the globe.


Our Propositions

  • Custom CakePHP module development
  • Web development in CakePHP
  • Website maintenance and deployment
  • Integration of web 2.0 Cakephp application
  • CakePHP extension development and upgrade
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Server deployment and configuration
  • Modification of CakePHP

Why CakePHP

  • Reduced cost of website designing
  • Reduced usage of codes
  • Free MIT license
  • Well suited with PHP4 and PHP5
  • Integrated CRUD for database
  • Unit testing using the simple test framework
  • View helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML forms
  • Fast and Flexible
  • Easy and simple to learn and write


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