Dedicated Long Code

A Long Code number is 10 digit virtual mobile number used to send or receive voice calls and SMS from all over the world. Long codes are intended for P2P communication, means when a person communicates with another person. These are strictly designed by phone carriers for two way communication. It is globally accessible, cost- effective, all in one (Voice and SMS) marketing solution.This wireless subscribers method helps you to interact more with people, businesses and organizations.

Long Code Key consideration

Long Code Key consideration
  • Can send voice call and SMS from the same number.
  • Easy to launch and set up
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Cost effective in comparison to short codes
  • Time savvy
  • Globally accessible
  • Easy maintenance and deployment

Some more facts


Inbound to Outbound SMS traffic ratio cannot exceed 1:3 ratio


Up-to 500 message per second and 1000 concrete calls per number

Usage Cases

Person to person, two way communication


Long Code SMS Service India

Long code sms service is a 10 digits virtual mobile number which is operated by at mobile service provider. These are virtual numbers and no direct call is accepted on these numbers and Long Code works with sms based applications to pull information from any type of database. Generally, Long Code SMS has two types :-

  • Dedicated Long Code SMS Service.
  • Shared Long Code SMS Service.

Dedicated Long Code SMS Service: With this service you can order for dedicated long code service for your business. We will provide you 10 digits virtual mobile number, Which works for your applications only. No other services are shared on it. You can create unlimited long code keywords and design unlimited applications on it. Example : Send “Blank“ on 09212350044

Shared Long Code SMS Service: With this service you can order for a keyword on long code service for your business. We will provide you 10 digits virtual mobile number and a keyword on it, which works for your applications only. As it is shared numbers another user may also use this long code number for their businesses. Example : Send “HELP“ on 09212350044


Features of Long Code SMS Gateway.

  • Create unlimited keywords in dedicated and One In shared long code.
  • Unlimited sub keywords supported.
  • Create unlimited keywords and replies.
  • Customized replies sent with bulk sms service api.

How Can I Use Long Code Service?

  • The Long code is used for lead generation by bulk sms, Online ads, TV channels and print media.
  • It is widely used for mobile verification systems.
  • It is very helpful for stock checking, stock updates, sms subscription activations, Mobile ticketing, mobile opt-in database systems.

.How many long code service providers in India?

  • There are a number of mobile operators India who provides long code sms, like Airtel,Bsnl,Jio,Vodafone, idea, tata teleservices Ltd .

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