Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System

Main Features:

  • Microprocessor-controlled and monitored system topology.
  • Fully redundant system composition to ensure that the system remains fully operational, even in the event of a fault or in the event that one half of the processor unit fails.
  • Constant automatic test routines for all system components and programs.
  • Six line display for displaying the system status in plain text (alarms, faults etc.)
  • Acoustic and optical alarm notification for alarms and faults
  • Alarm buffering
  • Possibility to manually test the control panel and its functions
  • Plain text indication of individual detector and indicator zones.
  • Up to 15 external operating panels per control panel, the maximum distance -1200m
  • Operating panel language (labeling and display indication) can be selected and can be toggled between up to 4 languages while in operation
  • External device bus for up to 15 indication and operation devices.
  • Serial data log printer with UPS power supply, with an event memory and message filter.
  • Suitable for connection to the fire brigade’s public alarm notification system.
  • 11 free connection slots for modules (detector zones, inputs and outputs, relay etc.)
  • System configuration saved using flexible flash memory technology
  • Emergency power supply for a supply interruption period of 72 hours.



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