Time Attendance

Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracking the in and out time of employees total work duration, lunch breaks. There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in industry. These are low cost and very durable time and attendance machines. These are low and best price attendance system. Best time and attendance machine for all your needs. We are exporting these attendance machines all over the world. Monitor multiple locations from a centralized location.

Improve workforce performance through optimized time-off management and time-sheet data

  • Automate and accelerate your workforce time and attendance management processes.
  • Empower employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their mobile device of choice.
  • In turn, managers can access their team members’ information and quickly approve time-off requests.
  • With time and attendance management solutions, companies can facilitate absence planning and time recordkeeping of their employees.

Take workforce performance to new heights with better management of time-related information

Empower your employees to manage their time-related information and provide managers this insight with absence management solutions from SAP SuccessFactors. Use the power of the cloud to automate and accelerate absence management processes – anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Efficiently plan, record, and evaluate employee absences and execute on corporate, collective, and legal agreements globally by gaining greater transparency into absence management.

Use time sheets to assign and calculate the right billings and payments

Improve workforce insight, time management compliance, and employee satisfaction with time sheets. Use our software to -

  • Manage time entries by giving employees access to self-services or mobile devices through a modern user experience where they can enter time worked, allowances, and on-call time.
  • Increase managers' visibility into their teams' schedules.
  • Feed overtime directly into the payroll system so the right payments are calculated and processed.

Comply with your country and company requirements through time capture

Comply with time-sensitive, mandatory legal requirements with IDEA TSPL designed for global and localized processes and rely on time capture capabilities to -

  • Help administrators define and manage time recording methods such as positive and negative time recording.
  • Enable employees to enter time easily with an intuitive user interface, work schedules, and collision checks.
  • Generate payroll-related time codes to determine employee pay with a time evaluation component.

Enhance workforce management to direct employee time, scheduling, and leave

Meet your company's complex human resources needs with workforce management solutions from IDEA TSPL. With our software, you can -

  • Capture hours worked and control costs with a single, cloud-based solution that can automate complex pay rules with complete accuracy.
  • Streamline compliance with national and local labor regulations and enable smarter decisions across the enterprise.


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