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Short Code is a popular communication technique which can be used to send text messages with 5-digit numbers and obtain a response within a few seconds. Short codes are often used by businesses and startups to allow customers to opt-in to their SMS campaigns or alert services.

Short Code SMS Service is widely adopted by organizations as the best marketing strategies. When you provide the unique Short Code to the customers, they can send their inquiries or request information easily.

Idea Technosolutions Pvt Ltd  is one of the leading short code service provider in Delhi, India. Our SMS service platform helps your business to increase sale, generate more leads and grow your business. We offer a short code service platform at affordable prices.

Idea Technosolutions Pvt Ltd, we offer two type of SMS Short Code Solutions:
  1. Dedicated Short code – It is associated to a specific company to enable the running of multiple campaigns or services.
  2. Shared Short code – It is pooled between multiple businesses and may share the same short code, but have different keywords.

Idea Technosolutions Pvt Ltd is one of the prominent Short Code number provider in Bhubaneswar, India. We are providing premium short code service in India for Lead generation, polling, voting, survey, feedback and many more applications.

We understand the importance of short code SMS in your business for reaching the target audience. And so, we take advantage of the latest techniques and strategies for yielding better outcomes in your business.

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Short Code Features :

Unlimited Free Auto Reply

One free auto reply sms will be sent for each incoming SMS. there is no limit of incoming sms and Autoreply.

Unlimited sub keywords

You can create unlimited sub keywords of main keyword

Email Alert

You will receive report on email. You can use different email id for different keywords and sub keywords.

SMS Alert

You will receive alert sms for incoming sms if you specify your mobile number to receive alert sms.

URL Forwarding

If you want to receive incoming sms at your web server you can use this feature.

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What is Sub-Keyword SMS on Short code SMS?

Sub-Keyword SMS on Short code and Long code is the same application as Short Code SMS. For small companies, those who cant afford high investments then they can opt for Sub-Keyword SMS on the same short codes with our Main Keyword like “TYPE”, “SEND”, “TYPO” etc.,

For Instance, if your company name is “ABC” then you can opt the Sub-Keyword as “SEND ABC”, so if anyone sends the SMS to “SEND ABC”, you will retrieve those details in your Short code SMS Inbox.

Note: Keywords and Sub-Keywords will be applicable, if it is available only on our short codes and long codes.

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