Main Hydrant Pump

Main Hydrant Pump / Sprinkler Pump Fire Fighting Pumps and Systems

These pumps are of Energy Efficient Motor (SPDP Optimal). These pumps contain option with 2 or 4 pole motor . These are also protected with IP 55. It has back pull out design.



Major Applications :-

  • Main Fire pump in Fire Fighting for Hydrant / Sprinkler, in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications.
  • Fire Fighting In Industrial, Commercial And Residential Application
  • Water Supply In Fixed Fire Proof System
  • Water Supply In Municipal Work
  • Water Supply In Industrial And Mining Enterprises

Key Features :-

  • CE marked motor
  • With energy efficient motor (SPDP optional)
  • ‘F’ – class insulation
  • IP 55
  • Option with 2 or 4 pole motors
  • Back pull-out design
  • Standard Gland seal soft packed / Mechanical seal (optional)
  • Performance as per Rated duty or as per NFPA 20 requirement


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