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  • This Web Application Provides Facilities to Submit online Examination Form and and generate a academic results.
  • It Saves Time and allows no of Students to log in and fill the exam from at a time and Submit It.
  • Administrator has a privilege to create, modify ,delete exam form ,hall ticket and Exam related News and other web Content.


This section gives the list of Functional and non-functional requirements which are applicable to the Online Exam Form Submission and Academic Result Generation System.

User types

There are three kinds of user types in this Application.

  • Student module
  • Administrator module

Student module

  • The student will logon to this web Application and can fill examination form, Can take printout of Result (It depends on admin requirement).
  • Examination form will be automatically generate following things : Roll Number, Name of Student, Examination Name or Semester , Subject Code,Subject Name, Number of Backlogs (if any), Exam fees, etc.
  • Student will have facility to select the subject, where he will appear in exam.

Administrator module

  • The administrator can create, modify, insert, update , delete any stuff on this web application.
  • He should be approve Exam from to generate a Exam hall tickets for students.
  • He can manage other Accounts related to this web application (add user,delete user..etc.).
  • He can upload any exam related document on this web application.
  • Exam Hall Ticket will Contains information like: Student information (Name, Roll No/Exam Seat Number, Mothers Name, PRN,Exam Center Code, etc.). Subject Code , Subject Name , Exam Date, Question Set etc.

Security Requirements

Some of the factors that are identified to protect the software from accidental or Malicious access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure are described below.

  • keep specific log or history data sets.
  • Assign certain functions to different modules.
  • Restrict communications between some areas of the program.
  • Communication needs to be restricted when the application is validating the user or license.

Software Quality Attributes

The Quality of the System is maintained in such a way so that it can be very user friendly to all the users.

The software quality attributes are assumed as under -

  • Accurate and hence reliable
  • Secured
  • Fast speed
  • Compatibility

Student view


Login Page

Confirmation Page


Examination Process

Result Page

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