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Enterprise Resource planning is the back-bone of a business. The superior resource planning initiative strongly reflects in the future return on investments. But as the scale and complexity of business processes grows, there arises a need of an automated solution that seamlessly integrates all business processes and plans resources considering all the influential macro and micro parameters.


ERP Software

As with many other software products, customers have the choice of choosing between an off the shelf ERP product or developing a custom ERP solution. The off the shelf solutions are apparently friendly but they are rarely deployed without some customizations. Moreover the expense of buying ERP packages from the best vendors like SAP, Oracle etc. is not economically and practically viable for most medium scale businesses.


Customized ERP Solutions

Custom developed ERP solutions on the other hand are made to meet specific needs. The focus and suitability to business scenarios is such that most small and medium businesses prefer to pick such solutions. Provided the vendor can grasp the true need of the organization, a successful ERP deployment can increase the ROI manifold.


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