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Collecting the milk from suppliers and measuring various milk parameters such as FAT, CLR, SNF and Quantity is a tedious process especially when the amount of milk collected is high. This process has to be done as quickly as possible so that the collected milk is sent to the cooling plant before it turns sour.

This is where we can help you with our product 'Nano Diary' tailor made for Dairy Automation and solution. Nano dairy is a complete data acquisition automation product for Milk Dairy. We receive all milk parameters through the devices designed specifically for a single purpose. This device is simple enough for a layman to handle and eliminates the need of giving him the direct access to server.

Data Acquistion

Fat, LR and SNF values are directly received from the Analyzers. Liter values are directly received from the weighing scale. Supplier and Can detailsare received from the wireless terminal. Auto correction option for the values read from Milk Analyzers in order to correct any analyzer error.

Rate Chart

Rate charts that are used for bill calculation are maintained separately for cow milk and buffalo milk. Suppliers and Sub Suppliers can have different Rate charts assigned to them. Values are taken from corresponding rate charts for each supplier during bill generation.

Bill Generation

Bill can be generated for any period specified by the user. Advance which is maintained separately for each customer can be deducted directly during bill generation. Incentive amount is calculated for each supplier automatically during bill generation.

Graphs & Reports

Various types of graphs are provided with multiple customization options which help you in analyzing the data quickly and efficiently. Compare the various milk parameters of suppliers and sub suppliers for any particular period and duration. Detailed Reports with customization options helps you in performing in-depth analysis of the data.

SMS Option

SMS the collection details to supplier as soon as the reception is over. Customization option to configure the milk parameters (Liters, FAT, CLR, SNF) to be sent in SMS separately for each supplier. SMS the Collection summary of each shift to any mobile as soon as the reception is over.

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