Fire Pump & Accessories


Electric Control Panel

Product Code No. SS – 142
Specification / Standard Electric control panel for automatic operation and control of fire fighting system as per Specification / Standard and requirement.
  Construction Features
Protection IP-52
Cabinet Material Pre fabricated CRCA sheet
Type Compartmental
Mounting Floor Mounting
Cable Entry Top/ Bottom
Finish Fire Red/ Light Grey

Fire Fighting Pumpset :

What is the purpose of a fire pump set? - Quora

Product Code No. SS – 141
Specification / Standard UL / FM / BIS
Type Centrifugal/ Vertical Turbine
Model Centrifugal : Split casing / Back pull out type
Vertical Turbine : Multiple bowl assembly
RPM 1500 to 2900
Drive Electric Motor/ Engine
Body Cast Iron / DI to IS 210Gr. FG 260
Impeller Bronze to IS : 318 LTB 2
Shaft Special steel / Stainless Steel
Wearing BR BS 1400 LB2
Discharge Pressure 5.6 bar to 15 bar 


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