Voice Call API

Why use Voice Call API?

Voice is the best way to communicate with your customer. It is personal, quick and above all, human. Leveraging voice communication has now become simple. You can keep a track of conversations for greater customer insights using voice.



Voice Broadcasting is a web-based automated mass communication technique that send voice messages to thousands of call recipient at once. Organizations can send outbound voice call campaigns to customers to connect with them instantly. In addition to this, the voice calls are used for various purposes in the companies.

Idea Technosolutions Pvt Ltd t is the best Outbound Dialing / Voice Broadcasting service provider in Bhubaneswar, India offers essential support for business to reach the target audience efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts will pre-record the voice messages in the local language or the language preferred by the businesses. Then, we integrate the voice with the system to deliver the information whenever the customer makes a call. Since we are offering flexible service you can choose the plans based on your need.

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Advantages of Using Voice Call APIs

Our Voice Call APIs are designed to give your existing app and website Voice in a matter of minutes. Build high-quality communications apps in the cloud. Scale without limits. Using our Voice Call API ..


Direct your Customers to an Automated App:

Greet your customer by connecting them to a pre-recorded voice via our Call API. Remove the need for manual efforts and connect it to an employee only when necessary.


Connect Your Customers and Your Team:

Give your callers options to navigate. Depending on what your customer needs, he can get connected to the right person in no time!


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