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The challenges in the healthcare sector are more and more complex due to increasing liability for medical errors, the need for maintaining accuracy and privacy of medical records, and the necessity of 24x7 access to life-saving IT applications. Compliance with European critical healthcare requirements is also a must, along with correct inventory and standardized processes.

The lack of computerization in a healthcare institution has visible effects, impacting on patients, medical act and internal operational costs -

  • Over 10% of the requested laboratory analysis are lost or not communicated on time.
  • 10-15% of the radiological investigations outcomes are sent too late, after the therapeutic decision has been made.
  • 5% of the investigations are unnecessarily repeated.
  • 1% of the medical documents are physically lost every year.

This is the reason why we believe that integrating an end-to-end software solution consisting in ERPs, cost analysis BIs, Electronic Medical Records or instruments that facilitate telemedicine, is essential for any medical unit.


Our solutions for the healthcare industry


Corporate Information System for medical clinics & EMR

For the leading private healthcare organization in Central and Eastern Company, we created the multi-country Corporate Information System – a web enabled healthcare management system for private clinics. The organization’s core offering are the Prepaid Benefit Plans, together with Occupational Medicine Programs and Special Prepaid Programs. The system was intended for implementation in all client’s locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

This custom system has been designed in a modular architecture, offering complete solutions for -

  • Healthcare contracts and related subscriptions management
  • Clinical operations management
  • Laboratory operations management
  • Healthcare delivery and subscriptions billing activities
  • Occupational health delivery management
  • Electronic medical record management

The application was designed with the purpose of gathering and controlling a large amount of information related to clients and patients, eliminating at the same time as many time consuming tasks as possible.

The system included numerous customizable options, able to operate over a versatile infrastructure and offers multi-level security for the safekeeping of critical data.

Multi-country software for medical laboratories

The project also included a multi-country software for the medical laboratory, part of the healthcare group, managing more than 20 Million medical tests yearly and publishing the test results on the web, password-protected. Lab tests, patient’s evidences and pharmaceutical goods management – all these activities were automated and integrated into a unique IT solution that allows the test results to be validated by the physicians in the laboratory. The project has later evolved into a standard modular solution for the healthcare industry – Charisma Medical Software - adopted by all major private clinics in Romania.

Software for drugs distribution

For two large producers and distributors of drugs, we delivered a custom web service, under Java technology, used for collecting orders from pharmacies and transmitting the requests to the warehouse.

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