Solar Street Light


Solar street light system is an ideal application for campus and village street lighting. The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate the light for 10-11 hours daily. Automatic ON/OFF time switch for dusk to down operation and overcharge / deep discharge prevention cut-off are provided with LED indicators. Easy Photovoltech's solar street lightening systems require low maintenance, have longer life and provide better performance. We manufacture and supply two types of solar street light i.e. solar LED street lights, solar CFL street light.


Key Features

  • High efficient electronic circuitry.
  • Very low self-consumption < 7ma.
  • 100% short circuit protection
  • Surge/lightning protected.
  • Perfect design, Easy Installation
  • PWM MOSFET based solar charge controller for efficient battery charging.
  • Automatic dawn dusk operation (with timer-optional)
  • Highly Economical and reliable
  • Single Battery Type
  • Temperature Compensated Battery charging.
  • Approved by MNRE Govt, of India
  • Fit and forget device
  • Excellent for remote Areas
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability and durability
  • More intensity of light
  • CC-CV output with APMS Technology (Optional)

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