Solar Fans

There are solar fans for many different uses. They range from attic ventilation to ones placed in the brim of your ball cap. There are units to cool down the interior of your car, exchange air inside your dogs house, shed or greenhouse and rechargeable oscillating fans with radios suitable for the pool or beach. If you can think of a place where you might want to move air, there are solar powered fans designed to do the job. Below I will go into some of these different models and their uses.

Besides saving money on energy bills, traditional style fans (think oscillating) can be a real necessity. Today there are many different sizes and features for solar fans. One particular unit was designed for emergencies. It is just like any other fan in so much as you can use it plugged into a standard 110 wall outlet.



  • High Efficiency
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Variable Speed Operation
  • Smart inbuilt Controller


  • Operates on Solar Power - no running cost
  • Easy Handling and Installation
  • Can be used on Solar/Batter source
  • Life time saving

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