Shared Long Code

Shared Long Code SMS Services also known as a dedicated phone number or large number or virtual mobile number, is the reception mechanism used by business to receive SMS Messages. Low cost and International accessibility make it the best solution for big campaign


Benefits of Shared Long Code

  • Branding


    Consistent branding is said to be the prominent possibility by using Shared Long Code number as the number reflects to be a 10 digit local number and it is found to be the most appealing one. Shared Long code numbers are very useful who are looking for branding their products and services.

  • Helps in engaging and retaining customers

    Engages and Retains Customers

    Using Shared Long Code Service in India is one of the effective strategies that will enable to engage and retain customers. Added to this, Log report can be downloaded in the form of an excel format that helps enterprises for better understanding.

  • Wide Usage

    Wide Usage

    Shared Long Code SMSes are mostly used in competitions, voting’s polls, campaigns and to get feedbacks from the customers.

  • Effective SMS Marketing

    Effective SMS Marketing

    In this Digital Era, Shared Long Code is one of the effective SMS Marketing as it helps to get instant response and to reply in real time round the clock.



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