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The main purpose of this site is to serve as a web presence For the realtor’s properties. The realtor will serve As the administrator for this site with the ability to create, modify, or delete listings. Once all administrative tasks are in place, potential clients can interact with the site via Twitter or Face book. Also, detailed and specific search capabilities will be available.

The Real Estate Web Site shall ability to showcase and manage their property listings while allowing potential clients a concise and structured way of searching properties. The web site will Be set up in a way the realtor will have total Administrative rights to their listings. This web site will be developed for one realtor, but will be able to Accommodate the needs of any realtor in the real estate career.

Product Perspective

The Real Estate web site will serve two areas: potential clients and realtors. It will utilize the scripting language PHP and the relational database MySQL while being hosted on a Linux web server. Since this system will be a web-based application/site, a proper Internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. will be needed for viewing and interacting with its contents.

User Interfaces

The web site will include user interfaces both for the potential client and the owner/administrator for the site. There will be proper validation on each user interface page providing appropriate messages if any information is incorrectly entered. Each page of the web site will include a header and footer page to help keep the look and feel consistent throughout the web site. The header will include the realtor’s logo, navigation bar, and agent control panel. The agent control panel will provide the user the opportunity to enter their existing password and username for logging into their profile. The footer will contain copyright information and a sitemap.


The Homepage will display featured property listings, have quick search, and other various links such as Listing Alerts, Contact Us, Site Map that will provide the user with more relevant type of real estate information. There will be an Agent Control Panel link allowing the realtor to login to their control panel.

Search Listings

The Search Listings page will allow the user to perform a detailed search of any available properties within the web site. Some of the search features will include listing type, bathrooms, bedrooms, price range, and location, among many others.

Admin Control Panel Login

The Administration Login page will allow the realtor to login into the administrative area for creating, modifying, and deleting listings. The realtor must provide a valid username and password. If the realtor forgets their password, there will be a password reminder link that will take them to the password reminder page. Once on the password reminder page, the realtor enters the email address they registered to use with the Real Estate website.

Password Reminder

The Password Reminder page will be linked out of the login page. It will allow the user to enter the E-Mail address they registered to use with the Real Estate web site. The user will then receive an email containing their username and password they used during registration.

View Listings Display Photos

Photos are retrieved from the database displayed to the User associated with the listing. Users listing photos are Saved in the database along with information about the Photo.


On the full featured version of this web site, the Registration page will allow more realtors to create an account on the site. This page will collect information such as First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Description, Location, Address, Username, Password, etc. There are some Required fields such as Username, Password and others. Once the realtor completes the registration and their registration is confirmed, the realtor is logged in and Their Control Panel” page is shown.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page will provide the user the means to send an email to the web site administrator. The user will be Required to enter First Name, Last Name, Address, and Phone Number, Email, Message, and a Security Code. In order to contact the Realtor, there is an Agent’s Profile section that the user can send a message to the selected realtor.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery page will provide the new images provide By the Admin. This Page will display according to category Wise

Video gallery

The video gallery page will provide the new vedio provide By the Admin. This Page will display according to category Wise.

Pricing List

This Page show the price list of different building, home or flat .which to user to easily get information.

Administrator (Realtor)

The Administration page will display the entire tasks associated with actions the realtor can perform such as adding, editing, or deleting listings, changing their contact information (Name, Company, Phone, etc.)

Product Functions

The realtor and potential client must be able to utilize the Real Estate web site in the most efficient way possible with the given design and in regards with standardized web flow. The users need to be guided with easy to use web pages that are presented in a way that Can accommodate even the novice user but all the while have the features that experienced users can take advantage of such as specific detailed searches. Each page will be neatly arranged and displayed in an easy to understand design.

Quality Requirements


  • The Linux web-server should always be available no matter what time a user attempts to access the Real
  • The information processed by the Real Estate web site must be validated on the server-side before being processed in order to ensure user input is not malicious. There will be code in place to prevent
  • The database should maintain data normalization by implementing a primary and foreign key system so that discrepancies do not occur within the data.


Search queries or page loads should be returned and formatted by the PHP parser in a timely fashion depending on the request being made.


  • Agent’s passwords will be encrypted within the database.
  • Pages of the Real Estate web site must be access in the way they were intended to be accessed. Included files shall not be accessed outside of their parent file.
  • Agents can only perform administrative task on pages they are privileged to access. Clients or casual users will not be allowed to access the agent control panel administrator areas.


  • All PHP pages used by the Real Estate web site will be centrally located within the file structure so that any update will affect all areas where the modified code is called.
  • Administrators will have the ability to edit theaspects of the Real Estate web site that directly relates to their account.
  • Technologies Required
    • PHP
    • Mysql
    • Javascript
    • Jquery
    • Ajax
    • Html
    • Css
    • Photoshop

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