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(Admin Panel Set Seat Reservation Demo – Software Installed at National School of Drama - a Government in India Organization)

We are pioneered in developing online reservation software for movies or plays in theaters, from Bus ticket booking to movie ticket booking, hotel room booking with payment gateway integration, also through API inventory can be shared to other online seller.

We have developed ticketing software for Indian one of the Government Organization who operates more than 2000 schedules per year , more than 6000 tickets being sold every day. This software also divided into 3 parts.

  • Reservation Admin
  • Counter Admin
  • Online User Admin

Below are the some of the features listed. It can be customized on your requirements.




Home Page Section

  • Upcoming Shows
  • Top Shows
  • Theatre overview
  • NSD Library
  • NSD Programs
  • Pre-bookings
  • Purchase CD/DVD
  • NSD Gallery
  • Shows of the Year
  • News Updates
  • Payment Methods
  • Download E-books
  • Payment Guidelines
  • Watch Promos
  • Music & Albums
  • All Shows
  • NSD Workshop
  • Students Overview
  • Download Videos
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Director Speak
  • Tell a Friend

User Login

  • Register
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Login With Facebook

User Section Functionality

  • User Dashboard
  • Booking History
  • Cancel ticket
  • My Albums
  • User Guidelines
  • View/Edit Profile
  • Last Payment
  • Book a New Ticket
  • My E-books
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Subscribe Programs
  • My ticket Status(Print)
  • My DVDs
  • Feedback/suggestions
  • Payment Methods

Sub Admin Section Functionality

  • All user Section
  • Add News
  • Set Price
  • List/Export orders
  • Create Coupon
  • Add/Edit Albums
  • Manage User(Edit/Trash)
  • Add Videos
  • Manual Payment Code Generate
  • Ticket Number, Name, Seat Number, Address, Shows Name, Mode of Payment, Ticket Status, Amount Paid
  • Change Shows Status
  • Add New Shows/Suspend
  • Add/edit Seats
  • Update Status
  • Add E-books

Super Admin Section Functionality

  • All Sub Admin Section
  • Edit Pages
  • Edit Adds
  • Suspend Shows
  • Edit/Delete User
  • Create Pages
  • Edit Footer
  • Edit Payment Methods
  • Manager Users
  • Edit Banners
  • Edit Header
  • Add Get-way Options

How do User will process for Booking -

  • User will browse the shows from home page
  • On booking will view the shows and available seats with price
  • Select the seat for book
  • Will redirect for Signup/register
  • Verify mail to get login
  • Automatically options for checkout
  • Make payment to book ticket
  • Redirect to ticket history
  • It will hold for 24hr. Sub admin will check the payment done and update the status to conform. Then automatically seat will become red color(red=booked, orange=pending, greed=available, pink=special, yellow=reserved)
  • Users will logout then after it section will automatically sign out in 5minutes

Extra Functionality suggested can be implementing on request only.

  • API key functionality
  • Receive SMS after Booking
  • E-books & DVD sale
  • A student forum
  • Article & Blog section

WHITE LABEL WEBSITE - We will design website and Software on your Brand and will handover to you with coding part if required as per our mutual agreement and conditions.
EBS Payment Gateway Service & Integration


  • Tie-up with Theatres or Dealing with Theatres or Making Agreement or Permission with Theatres – We are not Responsible – Client is responsible to bring the permission from them.
  • Client is responsible for local government Bodies.
  • Payment Gateway permission should be deal with the client. Once you received it we will integrate payment Gateway Integration code, Final test will be done by providers also. We will support in finding best payment providers.
  • 24/7 Support will be available to you – On demand from the Client
  • We do Website Development with using .php or .aspx as per client requirement with secure validations.
  • After deployment we will provide continous support as per mutual agreement with the client.
  • We also provide desktop application to install in Theatres Places to sale tickets at the Ticket counter with our Easy Application. We can also Integrate desktop application software located at the ticket counter with online Movie tickets web application – Not to resale the same ticket.

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