Solar Inverters


Power inverters or home UPS have been in use in India since quite some time. Thanks to frequent power cuts, home UPS or power inverter industry has done well in India. But with increasing interest in solar power and solar panels many people are thinking of using Solar Power to charge the batteries to save electricity drawn from the grid. Having heard of solar inverter, many people wonder if their existing inverter system is useful or not.

A power inverter or invert is a device that converts Direct Current (or DC) to Alternating Current (or AC) using transformers, switching and control circuits. And this is the basic function of any inverter: be it solar or regular inverter. A home UPS or home inverter take the DC power from the batteries and convert it to AC power used by appliances. A solar inverter also does the same if it is an “Off Grid” solar power system. In case of “Grid Connected” the DC power is from the solar panels and AC power is given to the grid.



  • Available with 500 kW, 630 kW, 670 kW, 715 kW, 1 MW & 1.25 MW
  • Three Level High Frequency PWM Inverter Technology resulting in Reduction of Losses, Low Harmonic Output Current (< 3%) & Improved Efficiency
  • High Efficiency up to 98.7% Including Filter Losses
  • IEC compliant / Third Party Approval for Entire Range of Inverters
  • Reactive Power Control
  • Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Functionality
  • Propriety MPPT Algorithm / Extra Wide MPPT Range (460 V - 900 V)
  • Optimized Cooling Fan for Higher Energy Savings as well as Longer Fan Life
  • Integrated DC and AC Distribution & Protection
  • Independent RS 485 and TCP/IP Communication Interfaces
  • Compact Product Design for Lower Footprint and Ease of Installation
  • Designed Lifetime up to 25 years - With Preventive Maintenance and Periodic Parts Replacement

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