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Offshore Partner

With the right strategy, we ensure you get maximum business advantage at lower operational costs and quick on-time delivery.
Reduce operational costs of your business and increase investment opportunities with our Offshore Partnership. Our stable operation method help you to generate more revenue, adapt to the market-changes faster with our knowledge about the latest technologies and solutions. We have the expertise to deliver future-proof solutions even for the most complex tasks. We help our Offshore Partners to concentrate more on their business and remain a step ahead of their competitors by applying high-end solutions suiting their requirements.

Reseller Partner

We give you the greatest support so that you can promote our products and services and reap benefits easily.
Scale your business in the fastest and most cost effective way by partnering with Hidden Brains. Now close your deals quickly, generate more opportunities and increase your profit. We offer expert resources, competitive prices and always accessible support to accelerate your business on a long term basis. Deliver innovative products and services to your customers and earn greater returns on your investments by incorporating our best practices, tools and technical experts like never before. Our advanced products and services can satisfy even the most demanding customers by giving them the most seamless experience.

Referral Partner

Identify new opportunities and get rewarded on a recurring basis through our simple payment structure and robust marketing assistance.
Share IDEA TSPL success as you help us to grow with our easy Referral partnership. Get rewarded for your effort through our simple commission structures and automated monthly payments. We give you the benefits of accessing to our technical support and a new stream to earn revenue for your business. Our sales team will constantly keep you updated about the latest sales techniques – something which even you can inculcate in your business to gain maximum business advantage.

Joint Venture

Get access to latest resources, markets and distribution channels by building joint ventures with us.
Get introduced to new business markets and get higher ROI by expanding your business’s network. In addition to several business support, we also help you with training and development so that you always remain ahead of the competition. Through long-term relationships, stable business principles and core-expertise, we can benefit mutually to thrive in this competitive age.


Application Service Provider (ASP).
An application service provider (ASP) is defined as an enterprise that delivers application functionality and associated services across a network to multiple customers using a rental or usage-based transaction-pricing model. Gartner defines the ASP market as the delivery of standardized application software via a network, though not particularly or exclusively the Internet, through an outsourcing contract predicated on usage-based transaction pricing. The ASP market is composed of a mix of service providers (Web hosting and IT outsourcing), independent software vendors and network/telecommunications providers.